Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final June Entry

Our FINAL June entry is here - When You Dream, from Lisa Kamphuis!
Gorgeous, gorgeous work Lisa!

From no on ladies, all challenges will be uploaded to the Songbirds new NING site!
Thanks to all all of you who joined in the launch party, the winners of the 2 challenges will be chosen soon!
WE will be announcing the winner of JUNE's lyrics there this week also, so get on over and check it out :)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Gorgeous Layout

From another new entrant into the Songbirds Challenges!

This gorgeous page comes to us from Emma Stafrace.
Emma won our challenge over at Debs Creations last month :)
Gorgeous work Emma!
Thanks for your entry!
Remember ladies, you have until next Wednesday to get your layouts into us!
Also, don't forget to get on over and sign up for our Ning site!
Our launch party kicks off tonight and there will be giveaways and a weekend challenge!

You have to be in it to win it, so hop on over!
Take care and Happy scrapping!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gorgeous New Entries

Well, we have been lucky enuogh to receive a couple more amazing entries into our June challenge!
First up, this fab page from one from one of our regular entrants, Amanda Taylor...
And secondly this beautiful piece from Jenneke Knol.
This is Jenneke's first entry into a Songbirds challenge and I'm sure you'll agree, her work is just gorgeous!
Thanks for the beautiful entries ladies.
Everyone else has 7 days to get their layouts in to us, before we kick off the July challenge over at our new Ning community!
If you haven't signed up yet, you will need to do so to take part in our future challenges and you can do so HERE.
Once you have joined up, you can also join in our giveaways and spot challenges that are coming up this weekend at our Launch Party!
So get on ovr and sign up, I'll be keeping an eye out for you!
Until next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hear Ye! hear Ye! (#2)

Soooo it was supposed to be all under wraps and secret BUT seeing as the few people who already knew have invited a few other people and so on and so forth, and people are starting to all catch on, I might as well let the cat out of the bag...

Songbirds is now at Ning!
Yep, we've caught up with the new fandangled technology...
I've attempted to build a passable site (and it's looking a bit fab, i do beleive)...
and we now have a gallery, a forum, groups etc!
We will be holding a launch party next Friday and Saturday with giveaways and spot challenges so kick off the excitement before our first regular challenge on the 1st of July!
It's the next generation of Songbird Scraps and I think if you check it out, you'll might be pleasantly suprised!
We will also have a special guest designed for the month of July!
Junes challenge will be finished up here at the blog and I will post the first July challenge here just to give you a bit of time to get the hang of the new site, but after that, you'll need to join up at our new site in order to join in...
and check out the new scene!

SO Exciting!
Hope to see you there!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

First point of business, two entries for the June challenge have made their way to my inbox:
This one from Emily Lewis...
And this one from Amanda Taylor...
Secondly, a big announcement for Songbirds will be made at Debs Creations forum later today.
Since the ladies there have always been such loyal followers of Songbirds, the news will be announced there exclusively first!
If you don't think you can wait until the weekend, you can check out Debs forum for the news later today!
And just between you and me, it's fabulous and amazing and exciting!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Second Challenge

We are back with our second fabulous challenge for June!
These are some gorgeous lyrics ladies and they really challenged our creative team, so hopefully you'll find they do the same for you!

So without further ado...

Corinne Bailey Rae - Girl Put Your Records On
Three little birds, sat on my window.
And they told me I don't need to worry.
Summer came like cinnamon
So sweet,
Little girls double-dutch on the concrete.
Maybe sometimes, we've got it wrong, but it's alright
The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same
Oh, don't you hesitate.
Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans,
I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.

Paul Kelly - Change Your Mind
If I could make the mountains
Fall into the sea
Maybe I could make you fall for me
Would you change your mind, change your mind, change your mind
All the stars keep turning
Wheeling all night long
I wish you'd turn and hear my song
If I could make wild horses
Come and get their hay

Maybe I could make you sway my way
I bet you want to see what our creative team have come up with as well, right?

Sapphire Eyes - by Chic

Facourite Songs - By Peggy

My Three Little Birds - By Jane

Favourite Song - By Kirsti

Go Ahead - By Skye
Shelly has taken this challenge off due to a household full of sick kiddies, but she'll be back and promises you all that she'll rock the July challenges!
We have some exciting changes in the works for July that are a bit hush hush at the moment - but we look super forward to revealing them to you and having you move forward with us into the next generation of Songbirds!
Look forward to seeing your beautiful challenge entries!
Happy Scrapping!

Monday, June 8, 2009

May Winner

The votes are in and the winner for May is Amanda Taylor!
Well done Amanda - your paper pack will be coming out to you soon!

Hope everyone has managed to get a start on June's lyrics - the second lot will be up next week!
Happy Scrapping people!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 1st Challenge

Well votes are in for may and we have a winner - but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that! (So mean, I know!)
But to reward you, I'll let you in on a little secret - Junes first lyrics!

Lullaby - Matt Costa
Don't you cry, no don't you cry
Sing this lullaby to yourself
Cause when I arrive dear it won't be that long
No it won't seem like anytime that I've been gone
It ain't the first time it won't be the last
Won't you remember these words to help the time pass?
So when you're so lonely lying in bed
Night's closed it's eyes but you can't rest your head
Everyone's sleeping all through the house
You wish you could dream but forgot to somehow
Sing this lullaby to yourself
Sing this lullaby to yourself

When You Dream - Barenaked Ladies
With life just begun, my sleeping new son
Has eyes that roll back in his head
They flutter and dart, he slows down his heart
And pictures a world past his bed
Its hard to believe
As I watch you breathe
Your mind drifts and weaves
When you dream, What do you dream about?
When you dream, What do you dream about?
Do you dream about Music or mathematics
Or planets too far for the eye?
Do you dream about Jesus or quantum mechanics
Or angels who sing lullabies?
Hmm very sleep themed this month - I didn't even realise until just now!
Our DT girls have created some gorgeous layouts to inspire you too...




Some stunning work, I'm sure you'll all agree!

I look very forward to seeing what you come up with!

Good Luck and Happy Scrapping!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Final May Entry

I am behind.
I know, and I am sorry!
I have had kidney infections and the dreaded flu to contend with, as well as uni and well, just life in general - I'm sure you all know how it is! So everything is currently a day behind!
Our final entries come from Ellen Di Cortello, who used the 'Friend Like You' lyrics for this gorgeous LO of her mum...

And Emily Lewis who created this super pretty layout titled 'Sweet Indiana', with a photo of the daughter of one of our very own DT ladies!
Thanks Elle and Emily!

Thanks to all of you lovely ladies who sent entries our way in May - there has been some beautiful work! We will get to doing some voting and I'll be back on Friday with the winner!

Our next challenge will be posted tonight - and there are some gorgeous lyrics this month - so be sure to check back!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Every Month I Start to Worry...

Every month you start start sending in your beautiful entries for us around this time and make me feel silly for being so concerned!
Another two gorgeous pieces of work found their way into my inbox over the weekend...
So Beautiful - Lynette Jackson

Angel - Vicki Bailey
It's going to be a hard month to pick a winner ladies! We've had some great work this month!
Remember, anyone who has an enty has until Midnight next Sunday to get it into me to be in the running for this months paper pack prize!
Will be keeping an eye out!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Surprise, Surprise!

Three new entries graced my inbox this morning - three beautiful layouts in three very different styles!
I've got an Angel - Amanda Taylor

There Goes the Gal - Ellen Di Cortello

Beautiful - Lisa Kamphuis

Thanks for your beautiful work girls!
And remember - you still have 10 days to get any entries in, even though these girls will give you a run for your money, you never know, this might just be your month!

Happy scrapping!

Monday, May 18, 2009

We Have Ourselves and Entry!

Finally, our first May entry!
I was beginning to think you had all deserted us!

This beautiful layout is from Treesa Young and uses our Angus and Julia Stone lyrics from the first half of the month...

Just stunning work Treesa - thanks for your support and for your gorgeous entry!
Come on ladies - still 11 days until the end of the month and plenty of inspiration to get your creativity flowing!
I received some of the beautiful prize pack papers all the way from the US today, and they're not going to win themselves, so get scrapping!
As always, I look forward to seeing your work!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

MAY Second Lyrics

So it's time for the second May lyrics.
We still haven't had one entry for the first set of lyrics yet!
We'd all love to see a few come few before the end of the month! I'd hate to have to keep all of this beautiful paper for myself!

So the lyrics for this month are some really pretty ones...
Angel - Jack Johnson
I've got an Angel,
She doesn't wear any wings
She wears a heart that could melt my own,
She wears a smile that makes me wanna sing
She gives me presents
With her presence alone
She gives me everything I could wish for
She gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home.
So Beautiful - Darren Hayes
Whether I'm up or down
There's no crowd to please
I'm like a faith without a clause to believe in it
And if all the world was smiling
I would only ever want to see your frown
You know they can sail away in sunsets
We'll be right here stranded on the ground
Just happy to be found
You make me feel so beautiful
Nowhere else in the world I wanna be
You make me feel so beautiful

Angel - Shelly

I've Got an Angel - Kirsti

Angel - by Skye

Blue Skies - by Jane

Gorgeous work from our DT girls, I'm sure you'll all agree!
So get the inspiration flowing ladies - that prize is still up for grabs!

Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Winner

After much discussion with the DT girls - we have awarded Aprils prize to...

Drumroll Please...

Renee Ludlow - Love
WE just adored Renees interpretation of the Hunters and Collectors 'Throw your Arms Around Me' lyrics.
Renee wins a Mumma Bushka Album and paper set thanks to Kaisercraft!
Just email me your address and I'll pop that in the mail for you chickie!
Hope you are all finding some inspiration in the first set of lyrics - can't wait to see some entries start to roll in!
Take care and Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time got Away!

Ok, firstly let me apologise for this being a couple of days late.
I didn't find time on Friday and I was away for the weekend, but I am a beleiver in better late than never SO without further ado, here is the first may challenge...
Joshua Radin - Friend Like You
When I had no one to call
All the world had shut me down
I showed up at your door so blue
I thank God I had a friend like you
Many times I’ve gone without
A home, a meal, a pair of shoes
If you had 3 you’d give me 2
Their ain’t no other friend like you

Angus & Julia Stone - Bella
There goes the gal in the pretty skirt
With the Golden smile that made you feel new
Like when the marching band strolls the street
You know another years come too soon
So you took her hand and she gave a look that sent you to the moon
And there you spoke the words of a gentleman
Can I have this dance with you?
Can I share this dance with you?
Some really pretty lyrics this month!
And here is what our DT did with them...
Jane - Picture Perfect
Kirsti - Bella
Peggy - Friend
Shelly - Blue Smurf
Chic - 'Friend' Card
These girls never fail to impress me!
The prize this month is a gorgeous mixed paper pack - including 15 sheets of recent release Sassafrass Lass, My Minds Eye, Making Memories and more, sure to include something to tickle anyone's fancy!
I'll be back later tonight or early tomorrow to announce our April winner - stay tuned!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last April Entries

Hi Girls!
I have been so impressed with the entries for Aprils challenges!
There is some beautiful and diverse work soming our way!
I just wanted to post the last two entries for the month and I'll be back later this afternoon with the first challenge for May!

Around Me - Kathryn Galloway

Beach Getaway - Lynette Jackson
I just love all of the different styles we're seeing!
Such gorgeous stuff!
As I said, I'll be back later today with the new lyrics and will be announcing April's winner on Monday!
In the meantime, take care and have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two more AMAZING Entries!

We hadn't had any entries come in for a while and I was beginning to feel a little bit disheartened, but after openeing my inbox this morning, I found these two beautiful entries...

Renee Ludlow - Love

Treesa Young - Meant to Be

These are just gorgeous girls!
Thank you for your stunning entries!
And everyone else, remember you have until midnight Thursday (AEST) to get your entries in!
We look forward to seeing a couple more before the month closes off!
Thanks again!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A New Day brings a New Challenge!

With a new half month, comes a new set of lyrics and in keeping with our 'Australia' theme, we have some beautiful soulful words to isnpire you this time around...

So lets check them out shall we?

Kasey Chambers – The Captain…
Well I have handed all my efforts in
I searched here for my second wind
Is there somewhere here to let me in I’ve asked
So I slammed the doors they slammed at me
I found the place I'm meant to be
I figured out my destiny at last

When The War is Over - Cold Chisel
When the war is over got to get away,
Pack my bag to no place in no time, no day
You and I we used each other's shoulder
Still so young but somehow so much older
How can I go home and not get blown away
Aint nobody gonna steal this heart away...
Aint nobody gonna steal this heart away...
Our CT girls have come up with some amazing examples to help get you on your way too!
Still so Young - By Chic
Family Roots by Kirsti

Destiny - By Peggy

J&N - By Jane
Young/Older - By Shelley
Untitled - By Alyssa
Gorgeous gorgeous work from our ladies, as I'm sure you'll all agree!
Don't forget too that we have a special extra challenge running at Debs Creations every month!
With a different completely new and different set of lyrics, you might find something that inspires you over there!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!
Come on ladies, get those scrapping caps on!

Another gorgeous Entry!

A beautiful vintage layout from last months winner Lisa Kamphuis, inspired by the Hunters and Collectors 'Throw your Arms Around Me' lyrics!
Come on ladies, the two entries we have had this month have been from our two previous winners!
How about giving them a run for their money??!

New challenge is also going up today, so be sure to check back!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hi Ladies!
Welcome back from the Easter break!
I hope you all had a truly lovely long weekend and are feeling refreshed and happy!

We received our first entry over the weekend from Treesa Young...

Gorgeous, right?!
She even used the papers that she won from our February challenge!

Our second lot of lyrics will be revelaed tomorrow, so be sure to check back!
Remember that you can submit for the new lyrics or the First April Lyrics right up until the last day of the month!

Can't wait to see a few more of your submissions!
Take care of your lovely selves and happy scrapping!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Drumroll Please...

The votes have been tallied and the winner for our march challenge is...
Lisa Kamphuis!
Lisa's 'Thank You' layout was inspired by our Whitlams lyrics and we all loved her colours and her use of texture!
Congrats Lisa, your Fiskars knife set prize will be coming out to you shortly!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last March Entry

It would help if I checked the email at the end of the month for any last entries before posting the new challenge!

This little beautiful comes from Vicki Bailey, using the Little Victories lyrics.
I have asked the girls for their March votes and will be back on Monday to tally them up and announce the winner!

Until then, have a fab weekend!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Brand New Month!

Well ladies, entries are closed and we have started a brand new month!

And in honour of ANZAC Day, we here at Songbirds are dedicating April to Australian Music!
All of this months songs have been written by homegrown talent, and judging by how excited the DT girls were about them, they are sure to inspire!
And for those international players - Dont worry! We chose lyrics that can be used to inspire anyone and anything!
To help us celebrate Australia month, please make welcome our first guest designer, Alyssa Vollman...
Alyssa has provided a gorgeous example for the first April challenge and will be back again with to help inspire you for the second challenge as well!
She applied for our CT back when we were running application and only just missed out, so we asked her back to help us out this month!
I can hear you saying "Enough of the jibber jabber Skye, give us the lyrics!", so I better get on with it!
The first lyrics for April are:
Pete Murray – Opportunity…
Don't be scared of what you cannot see
Your only fear is possibility
Never wonder what the hell went wrong
Your second chance may never come along
Hold on now your exits here
It's waiting just for you
Don't pause too long
It's fading nowIt's ending all too soon you'll see
Hunters and Collectors - Throw Your Arms Around Me...
I dreamed of you at night time
And I watched you in your sleep
I met you in high places
I touched your head and touched your feet
So if you disappear out of view
You know I will never say goodbye
And though I try to forget it
You will make me call your name
And I'll shout it to the blue summer sky
And the AMAZING DT Examples:

Don't be Scared - By Alyssa Vollman

Possibility - By Peggy

Possibility - By Skye

And I Watched You In Your Sleep - By Jane

Throw Your Arms Around Me - By Kirsti

Opportunity - By Chic

As you can see, we were all pretty fond of the 'Possibility' theme this month!

This months prize is a set of the newly released Mumma Bushka papers and Babushka doll mini album from Kaisercraft!

So get to it ladies!
We always love seeing what you create and can't wait to see what this month brings!

Take care and Happy Scrapping!