Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Brand New Month!

Well ladies, entries are closed and we have started a brand new month!

And in honour of ANZAC Day, we here at Songbirds are dedicating April to Australian Music!
All of this months songs have been written by homegrown talent, and judging by how excited the DT girls were about them, they are sure to inspire!
And for those international players - Dont worry! We chose lyrics that can be used to inspire anyone and anything!
To help us celebrate Australia month, please make welcome our first guest designer, Alyssa Vollman...
Alyssa has provided a gorgeous example for the first April challenge and will be back again with to help inspire you for the second challenge as well!
She applied for our CT back when we were running application and only just missed out, so we asked her back to help us out this month!
I can hear you saying "Enough of the jibber jabber Skye, give us the lyrics!", so I better get on with it!
The first lyrics for April are:
Pete Murray – Opportunity…
Don't be scared of what you cannot see
Your only fear is possibility
Never wonder what the hell went wrong
Your second chance may never come along
Hold on now your exits here
It's waiting just for you
Don't pause too long
It's fading nowIt's ending all too soon you'll see
Hunters and Collectors - Throw Your Arms Around Me...
I dreamed of you at night time
And I watched you in your sleep
I met you in high places
I touched your head and touched your feet
So if you disappear out of view
You know I will never say goodbye
And though I try to forget it
You will make me call your name
And I'll shout it to the blue summer sky
And the AMAZING DT Examples:

Don't be Scared - By Alyssa Vollman

Possibility - By Peggy

Possibility - By Skye

And I Watched You In Your Sleep - By Jane

Throw Your Arms Around Me - By Kirsti

Opportunity - By Chic

As you can see, we were all pretty fond of the 'Possibility' theme this month!

This months prize is a set of the newly released Mumma Bushka papers and Babushka doll mini album from Kaisercraft!

So get to it ladies!
We always love seeing what you create and can't wait to see what this month brings!

Take care and Happy Scrapping!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Just a Reminder!

Remember ladies - you have until Midnight tonight (Aust. Eastern Daylight Savings Time) to get your entries in!
We have had some gorgeous entries this month, but a couple more are always welcome!
We have some our very first guest designer joining us in April, and I can tell you that the girls examples are looking amazing so far!
Be sure to check back tomorrow to check them out!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Few More Entries

This past week has seen another three gorgeous entries for our March comp arrive in my inbox
So without further ado...
Thank You - Elle Di Cortello
Sing to Me - Amanda Taylor

Awful - Alyssa Vollman
They look great ladies!
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work with us!
And remember, if you have an entry for us, you have until midnight tomorrow to get it in!
We look forward to seeing a couple more!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Gorgeous Entry

This little beauty came in for us today from the lovely Treesa Young, who used lyrics from the Whitlams song 'Thank You' to inspire this layout...
Beautiful, beautiful work Treesa!
Thanks for your entry!

Keep them coming girls!
We love seeing what you can do!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

One Week Left!

Just a reminder ladies, that you have until Next Tuesday, 31st March to get your entries in!
So far we only have 3 this month!

A couple of people have told me they plan to enter, so I am awaiting some more gorgeous entries!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A New Entry

The lovely Lisa Kamphuis has sent in her entry for March using the Whitlams 'Thank You' lyrics from the first challenge!

Lisa Kamphuis - Thank You
Looks great Lisa, I just love your use of texture!
Thanks for your gorgeous entry!
Remember ladies, you can still create layouts using our first March lyrics, or the lyrics for the new challenge put up yesterday.
You have until Tuesday 31st March to get your entries in to be eligible for the prize!
Take Care!

Told You!

I promised it'd be up tonight and I delivered!

I have wasted enough time trying to figure blogger out, so I won't waste any more!
Without further ado, the second lyrics for the March challenge are:

Little Victories - Matt Nathanson
This time, I'll have no fear
I'll be standing strong and tall
Turn my back towards them all
And I'll be awful sometimes
Weakened to my knees
And I'll learn to get by
On the little victories
And if the world decides to catch up with me
It's a little victory.

The Book of Love - Peter Gabriel
The book of love has music in it In fact that's where music comes from Some of it is just transcendental Some of it is just really dumb But I I love it when you sing to me And you You can sing me anything.

And as always, our ladies have given you some beautiful examples to draw from!
Sing To Me - By Peggy

Est 1999 - By Jane

Indiana's Little Victory - Chic

Book of Love Mini Album - Skye

Little Victory - Kirsti

Believe - Shelley

Remember ladies - this month there is a Fiskars Knife set up for grabs, so get your creative thinking caps on and show us what you're made of!
We love seeing your entries and can't wait to see what you come up with!

Happy scrapping!

Monday, March 16, 2009


The next challenge is coming!
I have tried 3 different PC's here in my workplace and blogger is not having a bar of it!
It simply will not upload images!
I'll be giving it a go on my Mac when I get home tonight - so hold tight and bear with me!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our First March Entry

Well girls, our first two entries for this month have arrived and they are looking gorgeous!
The first is by Michelle Turner and is inspired by the Eva Cassidy 'Songbird' lyrics.

Michelle Turner - With You
And the Second is by Vicki Bailey and inspired by the Whitlams 'Thank You' lyrics.
Vicki Bailey - If This Isn't Love

See I knew that the reason you hadn't started sending in entries yet was because you were putting together something great!

Keep them coming ladies, as we always love seeing what you have been inspired to create and sharing your gorgeous work with others!

A whole fresh batch of lyrics will be up on Sunday, along with some delicious new examples from our DT girls, so if the first half of the month did nothing for you, there might be something that jumps out in the next lot!

As of this month, we are also sponsoring a monthly challenge over at Debs Creations.
This month's song is 'Your Song' by Elton John!
You have to be an active forum member to join, but there are some super nice ladies over there, so if you think that might be your cup of tea, go on over and give it a shot!
You have to be in it to win it!

Happy Scrapping everyone!
Will be back soon with more excitement!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

February Winner!

Well ladies, the fifth is here and we have a winner!

There were too many great entries for me to pick a winner this month, so we took a vote at Songbirds HQ and the DT girls helped me decide who should get the prize!

And the winner of our VERY FIRST month is...




Treesa Young!
Treesa's layout 'Young and Free' was bright and fun and a perfect embodiment of the lyrics that inspired her!

I will email you in the next couple of days to arrange your prize!


No entries as yet for our first March challenge, so get scrapping!
This might be your month to knock us dead!

Happy scrapping!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Challenge 1

Hi Guys!
Well, February challenges are CLOSED and it is a new month! And of course with a new month comes a new challenge! AND with new challenges, of course, come new examples from our DT girls!

So without further ado, March's first lyrics are:

Songbird - Eva Cassidy
For you there'll be no crying.
For you, the sun will be shining
Because I feel that when I'm with you,
It's alright.
I know it's alright.

Thankyou (For Loving Me at my Worst) - The Whitlams
Thank you, for loving me at my worst
If this isn't love it's really close
Can we be crazy for a few more years
If I've got them in me?!

And for the beautiful examples for this month:

Hollee and Jack - By Jane

If This Isn't Love - by Shelley

With You - By Peggy

If This Isn't Love - By Me

For You - By Kirsti

I hope to see you all get on board and give the challenge a go!

This months prize is a Fiskars knife set, including both a Fiskars comfort craft knife and finger tip control knife, as well as a set of spare blades.

The next challenge will be posted on the 15th, but you have until the end of the month to get your layouts in for either set of lyrics. You are welcome to create as many layouts throughout the month as you like - the more we can inspire, the better!

Any questions feel free to email me at songbird.scraps@gmail.com!

Otherwise, I'll be back later in the week to announce Feb's winner!

Happy scrapping!