Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well, Well, Well...

We're half way there ladies!

There are two weeks to go until your submissions are due and we are super pumped with anticipation to see what you throw our way!
We want to wish you all a happy scrappy new year and we can't wait to kick off in February with some fabulous challenges and CT examples!

For our Christmas present, we were awarded our very first blog award from the lovely Kristi Brandis.
Thank you so much for your support Kristi!

See you all in the New Year!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

In Answer to your Questions...
We have had a great response to our introduction post and I just wanted to say a big thank you to Skye who has been pimping us out on forums and helping to get people over here to check us out!
We have had over 100 hits in our first weekend and I take that as a good sign for things to come!
We have had a few questions emailed over to us about the Creative Team Call, so we wanted to give you some answers:
1) If you make the CT, what we require from you is simple.
Two sample layouts per month ready to be posted on the blog on the 1st and 15th.
That's all!
You will also have the opportunity to be involved in decision making and suggestions for lyrics for upcoming challenges.
2) We are not attached to a store and are not making any sort of income from this, however we do hope to be able to reward our CT with the occasional surprise 'thank you' package of pretty products to play with.
3) At this stage, we are hoping that the CT position will stand for 6 months, at which time we will re-advertise and of course the current CT will also be reconsidered.
Again, if anything is unclear or you have any suggestions for us, feel free to contact us on songbird.scraps@gmail.com, we love mail!
I know it has only been three days but I am very eager to see what you will all be creating for us.
Until next time,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who Are We?!
The new kid on the block in the scrapbooking challenge blog circuit!
The Premise...
Music: We all listen to it, we all love it, we all feel something different from it!
We here at SBS HQ use music as our muse, and wish to share and share alike on the inspiration front!
Every month, twice a month, we will throw out 2 song verses.
Your job?
To take your favourite, interpret it YOUR WAY and scrap yourself a fabulous layout!
The best layout from the month wins a delicious pack of goodies!
What We Need From YOU!
(Creative Team Call!)
There's no blog without a team of Songbirds right?!
We need 4 creative ladies (or fellas if you're out there!) to join our team!
Yes we're new to the scene, but with your help we can make ourselves known and inspire many, many more!
All we need is TWO layouts emailed to us at songbird.scraps@gmail.com by 15th January 2009.
These layouts can be any size or shape, but must be inspired in some way by one or more of the following lyrics:
Let My Love Open The Door
Pete Townshend
When everything feels all over
Everybody seems unkind
I'll give you a four-leaf clover
Take all worry out of your mind
Thats the Way That The World Goes Round
John Prine
That's the way that the world goes round,
You're up one day, the next you're down
It's a half an inch of water and you think you're gonna drown
That's the way that the world goes round.
And because we know not everyone shares our love of old songs and deep lyrics...
So What
So, so what
I'm still a rock star,
I got my rock moves,
And I don't need you,
And guess what,
I'm having more fun,
And now that were done,
I'm gonna show you tonight.
Feel free to email us if you have any questions!