Thursday, January 8, 2009

Followers, Readers, Passers by and Other Generally Lovely People!

Hi Guys!
Skye Here!
Just wanted to remind you that any applications for the creative team are due before

I have had a couple of great emails this week in support of the blog and I want to thank the ladies who have posted out information or a link on their blogs, around forum etc.

With full access to the email account, I can tell you we have had a couple of really impressive applications - but are FAR from having picked a team and we are hoping to see a lot more flood in before applications close!

Come on girls, we've challenged you, now challenge us back!
Make it a hard choice!

Rememberyou can still email me at if you need to ask any questions, and Susie is back on Monday, so you can catch either of us at

Happy Scrapping ladies!

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